great strides in iOS4.0 and one hidden gem

Most developers including the team at High Five Labs are thrilled with all the major improvements the iOS4.0  brings to the iDevice ecoSystem. API Enhancements like:

  • multi-tasking
  • Event Kit (allowing calendar integration)
  • Folders/Grouping

are truly a giant leap forward for consumers as well as developers and promise to launch a wave of new app development which will truly exercise the capability of the platform and make life easier and much more fun for all users.

One hidden gem in the iOS4.0 announcement was the ability to create small test scripts written in Java Script which will allow app developers to create simple scripts to test out basic/complex repeatable flows for their apps. This most basic functional testing requirement was unheard of in mobile development until Apple introduced it to developers with the UIAutomation Kit.

This is huge!

We’ve been struggling with manual testing of our apps which are quite complex in certain use cases and require hours of prep time to just setup the test case scenarios. With the UIAutomation Kit we will (more on this coming soon) be able to create simple scripts which can be executed while the app is being built to regress through the app and check for any glaring bugs before we put out a release.

Now if the good folks at UISpec utilize these new libraries and update the spec implementation we’ll gladly write specs for all our apps. While they’re at it though we’re going to experiment with the JS scripts and write up our feedback on what we thought and how we’re using the new libraries.

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